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5 Retail Jobs to Help Build Your Career

5 Retail Jobs to Help Build Your Career While the retail industry may be the focus of much doom and gloom, smart retailers are finding ways to adapt and even thrive. These retailers are creating positive in-store experiences, eliminating long lines, and improving customer service. The key to these changes? Amazing employees.Building connections with customers is still the most important part of the retail business. Salespeople are still the faces of their companies. As customer preferences change, the retailers with the best employees are able to stay competitive.Why does this matter for you as a job seeker? First of all,more than 15 million jobs are connected directly tophysical retail locations. Furthermore, retail offers an excellent way to enter the career of your dreams. Many people in the fashion and beauty industries, for example, started in retail roles that allowed them to showcase their strengths. From there, they were able to climb the ladder.Retail is a great and often overlooked starting point for many careers. In retail, you can put your skills on anzeige and gain exposure to major brands.When thinking about retail jobs, your thoughts may turn first to cashiers, stylists, and personal shoppers, but there are many other positions out there. Here are some entry-level retail opportunities that could be the perfect way to launch your career1. Seasonal SupportSeasonal employees typically work from the beginning of the fall season through the winter. Retailers look to these employees to help them handle the increased traffic of back-to-school and holiday shopping. In some stores, seasonal staff are also needed for brand- or industry-specific events, like anniversary sales or collection launches. Working seasonally is a great way to earn experience and extra income.2. Merchandise HandlerBrands rely on merchandise handlers to move products through the distribution pr ocess. Experience in merchandise handling can be particularly helpful for those who wish to work on the business end of fashion, as it will teach you all about business operations and logistics.3. Visual MerchandiserIf youre drawn to the design side of the business, you can try your hand at becoming a visual merchandiser. In this role, you will arrange eye-catching displays to advertise great products anddraw the window-shoppers into your store.4. Stocking AssistantRetail stores require stocking assistants to maintain full shelves and organized stores, especially during busy times of year. Cluttered or otherwise aesthetically displeasing stores will turn customers away, so retailers rely on the attention to detail and strong organizational skills of stocking assistants to keepthe in-store experience positive for shoppers. Great stocking assistants often develop an eye for style and visual merchandising.4. Omni-Channel EmployeeThanks to the rise of verbunden shopping, stores now need omni-channel employees people who can meet the entire range of shoppers needs. Omni-channel employees play an important role in making online and in-store experiences more cohesive. Whether they are checking product information or placing eCommerce orders, omni-channel employees are key hires in the future of retail. Furthermore, being an omni-channel employee will help you cultivate modern tech skills that can easily translate from role to role as you move up in your career.Glenn Laumeister is the CEO ofAllWork, a talent-matching platform for brands and retailers.

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The Trick Question They Ask Jobseekers Over Age 50

The Trick Question They Ask Jobseekers Over Age 50The Trick Question They Ask Jobseekers Over Age 50Its hard to leid allow age to weigh heavily on your mind. If youre seeing ads online, checking off the boxes mentally because you meet the qualifications, making it to the phone interview, but then getting ghostedafter a while it starts to feel like theres no other reason for the silence except for your age.While that may be true some of the time, its doesnt apply 100%. Candidates over age 50 get hired day in and day out. The reason why is they take control of their communications every step of the way, to make the decision maker think about them differently than the other applicants. This especially applies to the trick question that comes at the end ofthe meeting, Why do you want this job? You can and should turn this questionto your advantage. Lets talk about what goes into answering the trickquestion, then put it all together into specific language you can use.Rise Above The Basics The decision maker is asking you this question to get to your real motivation for wanting to work in this job at this organization. This is like dating on that 1st date, you need to demonstrate interest in that person, not just enjoyment about the wine, appetizers, and merely being out and about.The employer would like to know that youre not just running aroundtrying to get any old job. Therefore, your answer should not be anything alongthe lines of, I really believe in this companys mission, and I want to be aparte of helping people and making a difference. Thats literally what youcould say to any interviewer in any company in the world and guess what thatsexactly what most of your competition is going to say, which is why youreabout to be better.Ramp Up Your Research You have the ability to dive deeper into an organization than what theirweb site provides on the about us page. Everything is social now, and socialmedia is where you find out the real deal. Follow the organization o n Twitterand follow the individual decision makers as well dont forget to be humanand make human-to-human connections.Use Google in a more comprehensive way than you probably do right now. The results page of any search on Google offers several tabs at the top all, maps, images, berichterstattung, videos, and more. Enter the organizations name into the search bar and when the results page appears, click the news tab. This will offer you virtually every media story from every media outlet almost in real time. It will tell you when the results came up, as recently as within the hour.In your notes for your interview, write down 3-4 things about what theorganization is doing right now, working on right now, about to launch,location theyre about to open, or industry award they just won.Speak Your TruthWhen you were doing your research, you didnt write down every single thing you found out. You went through a mental process some facts about the organization struck you, while others you immediately discarded from your thinking. That process means that there were points that automatically resonated with you.They resonated with you for a reason. What is that reason? Why did you take note of that particular fact? What did it mean to you? Dont overthink this. What I repeatedly encounter in interview coaching sessions is that candidates fear their answers arent good enough. Yet when I hear the answer, its the truth. The truth is good enough. YOU are good enough.Talk about it. Not cheesy and stilted with resume-sounding words. Just normal and natural. For example, Now that weve had this conversation, I am even more intrigued by the role. Plus this company is a CES Innovation Award winner that is the top honor in this industry and I look forward to being a part of designing and engineering your next stellar product.What do you think the interviewers thinking now? Good guy, but hes probably 53 years old, so, no. Or, I like that guy. He understands what we do and that we do it with excellence. Thats the kind of attitude we want to add to this team.You win at job search when youre doing things none of your competition is doing. And you have to do this every step of the way. Theres a free online training coming up, 5 Secrets Smart Jobseekers Age 50+ Know That Make The Job Search EASY where we show you what to do differently, so youre not getting blocked at practically every move, so more of the people relevant to you even see you in the 1st place, and so you can immediately find and talk to the real decision makers. Join us by clicking here.

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Study 45% have shed tears, 52% have gotten visibly angry at work

Study 45% have shed tears, 52% have gotten visibly angry at workStudy 45% have shed tears, 52% have gotten visibly angry at workThere are certain things you can do when a colleague or employee cries in the office, but people feel differently about its effects on your career. Staffing firm Accountemps released the results of new research showing that a surprising 45% of employees saytheyve cried at work, while 52% say they have gotten visibly angry.Heres how people say crying makes you look at workWhile 43% of employees in the 55 and up age bracket dont believe that crying impacts someones reputation, compared to 31% of people ages 35 to 54, and 25% of those ages 18 to 34.The research also asked workers and CFOs how they feel about crying in the office. Thirty-two percent of employees and 26% of CFOs agree that crying is never OK at work - people will perceive you as weak or immature. Thirty-eight percent of employees and 44% of CFOs think that crying is OK here and there, but that d oing it too often can undermine career prospects.But some took a more neutral approach31% of employees and 30% of CFOs think that crying has no negative effect - it shows youre human.While high-profile figures like Sheryl Sandberg, Tom Brady, and Steve Jobs have reportedly cried on the job, how things will work out for you, if you do the same, depends on the nature of your specific workplace and circumstances.Heres who people are lashing out at on the jobThe research found that among the 52% of employees who said theyve gotten visibly mad at work, 65% directed it at a coworker, 37% had done it to a supervisor, 21% have done it to a customer and 14% had done it to a vendor.Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, commented on the researchWere all human, and sometimes emotions can get the best of us. Workplace challenges are inevitable, but how you respond and move forward can demonstrate your professionalism, resilience and emotional intelligence, Steinitz said. Thinkin g before reacting will not only help your professional reputation but also show that you are considerate of your colleagues. Frequent emotional displays can be disruptive to coworkers and ultimately damage your work relationships.

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Five Flexible Job Ideas for Working Parents

Five Flexible Job Ideas for Working ParentsFive Flexible Job Ideas for Working ParentsFor many working parents like myself, flexibility rivals salary as the core quality we look for when it comes to job fit. Whenthe kids go back to school it frees up about seven hours of the day for work. The hardpart is that this block of time often gets interrupted by something kid-related, such as forgotten lunches, sick days, lice infestations and so on. Whatever the fiasco de jour, Ive staffed it, and Im sure some of you have, too. The unexpected demands that surface athome refines working parents savvy when it comes to prioritizing, troubleshooting, and creative problem-solving. Its not the only way to hone these skills, but on my craziest days its heartening to remind myself that these will be byproducts of my efforts. The good thing is, there area variety of flexible jobs out there that enable you to fully participate in the professional world and to be hands-on in your kids lives. But in buc hung to meet the needs of both realities, you need a good plan. If you take a job that allows you to work from home, make sure you figure outa care plan for your kids. Dont try take on both. It wont work. Your kids think you are theirs when you are at home. They dont want to share your attention, and you cant have your colleagues or clients hearing your kids while you are on the phone. If you are going to telecommute, set yourself up for success by making sure you are properly staffed from day one. According to Simply Hired data, nearly 87,000 U.S. jobs accommodate work-from-home arrangements. This represents 1.85 percent of all open positions. These are some great flexible jobs Sales JobsAverage Salary $45,000 + bonusesThere are a wide range of sales jobs waiting for pros like you. It will take your best communication and organization skills to keep you customers up-to-date and in the loop. Some jobs may require local or out of town travel. Search Sales jobsCustomer ServiceAverage Salary $37,000Be that service-oriented pro who can answer customers questions and clear the air. If you love working with people (from your own personal office), and you have a great phone presence, this could be the perfect role for you. Search Customer Service jobsAnimal CaretakerAverage Salary $23,000Give cuddly critters a boast while their pet parents are at work. In this role you get the chance to cash in on your love of animals. Take neighborhood pets for walks, give them treats and play with them. Add a bit of fun to their day and to yours. Additionally, most kids love animals and can serve as interns when it comes to play time.Search Animal Caregiver jobsDietitiansAverage Salary $56,0000 There are a variety of ways you can use your food expertise to create meaningful and flexible employment for yourself. Dietitians are always in demand as food writers, educators and counsellors. This position allows you to be creative in how you approach the job market.Search Dietitian jobsT ravel AgentsAverage Salary $35,000Help individual travelers and tour groups create amazing adventures. This exciting role gives you the chance to work closely with clients and to build relationship with vendors in the travel industry. Many positions offer travel benefits and discounts.Search Travel Agent jobsWith the right job, a good plan and a little creativity, working parents really can find the right balance for themselves and their families.On June 22, 2017, this article was updated from its original form.

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5 Tips for Talking About Failure with Potential Employers

5 Tips for Talking About Failure with Potential Employers5 Tips for Talking About Failure with Potential EmployersJob bewerbungsgesprchs are tough enough, but sometimes youre asked one of those questions that can eitherbei make or break your chances of getting hired. This is where talking about failure with potential employers requires some preparation.Tell me about a past failure you had at work.At first, the question might throw you. After all, arent you there to talk about your previous successes, awards, and accolades? Who wants to hear about failure from a potential employee? But prospective bosses are genuinely interested in your shining moments, as well as your failures, since they can show how you have handled setbacks or overcome hurdles. Val Matta, vice president of business development at CareerShift, a comprehensive job hunting and career management solution for companies, outplacement firms, job seekers, and university career centers, offers her tips on how to talk about failure with potential employers- and still get the jobBe confident. Talking about your failure during a job interview is definitely uncomfortable and unnatural. You dont want to shine a spotlight on your failure. Thats why its hard to exude confidence when describing your shortcomings. But without confidence, you seem incapable of moving on to the next phase of your career. So try to keep the same confidence level throughout your interview by watching your body language. Continue to maintain eye contact, have good posture, and dont fidget while you speak with your potential boss.Own up to your mistakes.Take ownership for your failures. Admit what part of the failure was yours and how you might act differently in retrospect. Owning up to your mistake shows the employer that you have integrity and have reflected on the past to become a better professional.Stay calm. Talking about failures is emotional. You relive the situation and are reminded of the gemeindewiese you felt toward yo ur coworkers, boss, and most importantly, yourself. Your emotions can take over and next thing you know, youre airing out all of your dirty laundry in your interview. Youre spilling about who did what to whom, bad-mouthing your coworkers, and talking about how unfair your boss was.Pointing the blame and speaking ill of your coworkers or boss is a cop-out, and it makes you look bad to a new employer. Instead, quickly and calmly explain the situation during your job interview without going into too much detail. Be positive about your coworkers and boss, no matter how you felt (or still feel) about the situation.Focus on your next steps.Dont dwell on the mistake itself. Instead, talk about how you moved on from it. What was your next step? What did you do to try and fix the situation? How has the experience changed you as a professional? Was there a positive outcome from the failure?Discuss what you learned. Failures are learning experiences, and sharing the lessons you gained from you r failure demonstrates that you have grown and become a better professional as a result. Share how you will use that knowledge in the future and how the experience will change your approach to similar situations in your next position.Its never fun talking about failure- particularly with a potential boss. But if youre prepared to possibly answer this prickly interview question by knowing what went wrong (and how you made it right), you can transform your previous failure into future successReaders, have you been asked to discuss professional failure during a job interview? How did you handle talking about failure during the hiring process? Let us know in the comments section below

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Seven Tips to Recruit the Class of 2016

Seven Tips to Recruit the Class of 2016Seven Tips to Recruit the Class of 2016Seven Tips to Recruit the Class of 2016 DeZubeIs your company looking to attract new grads?According to Accenture Strategys 4th annual College Graduate Employment Study, recent graduates are three times as likely to prefer to work for a small or medium-sized company.Drilling down into those expectations reveals a desire for workplace options that employers of any size can offer college graduates.Graduates are hungry for a culture with opportunities for rapid advancement and the ability to actually love the work that they do, says Accenture Strategy Managing Director Katherine LaVelle.LaVelle says employers will need to provide an employee experience that offers the flexibility to participate in project-based work, allowing for on-the-job learning and the opportunity to work across different roles with a small-team feel.Understanding what graduates want and how your organization can deliverthose opportunitie s has an additional benefit of boosting your employer brand.Here are seven tips to successfully recruit the class of 2016.Provide More Choices to New HiresAs the head of recruiting for an organization that hires 14,000 people a year, Jill Larsen, senior vice president of talent acquisition and people planning at Cisco, competes for talent every day, facing off against the nimble, startup culture of growing companies.It is possible for large enterprise companies to create agility in employment and talent attraction, Larsen says. Probably the fastest way is to harness the many cultures that exist in large companies. She suggests these four tactics for winning the talent race against growing companiesShare employee stories about growth in your recruiting materials and on social media. Larsen suggests using storytelling as a means to showcase the startup aspects of your company culture. Author Carmine Gallo points out that many large companies effectively share employee stories which c an also help unite multiple workplace cultures after a merger or acquisition.Look at benefit offerings through the lens of a 20-something. Do recent grads value the current slate of benefits or would they prefer something more novel, like student loan payoffs? Why elend ask them directly?Ask how grads view your employer brand. Following up on candidates experiences is a quick way to engage new grads, especially those who didnt choose you or who you didnt select. Those folks help to build perceptions of your company and theres a lot to learn from them.Make talent mobility a priority. How well are you retaining your new grads and rotating them? How many of your interns are you converting with offers in your internship programs before they head back to universittsgelnde? These are areas we focus on to ensure that our new grads not only join us, but they stay and continue to learn and develop their skills, Larsen says. Heres how other recruiting experts weighed in on engaging2016 colle ge gradsMove early on employment trends. Nannina Angioni, a labor and employment attorney and partner of the Los Angeles-based law firm Kaedian LLP, says smaller, emerging companies move early on progressive employment trends.Larger companies have traditionally been bulkier at the HR level and more reticent to change their ways until they have no choice in the matter an attitude that is not attractive to younger workers, she says. By having workplace policies in place that reflect the needs and desires of a very diverse Millennial workforce, larger companies could begin to approximate their more nimble and edgier competitors in the startup lane.Recruit new graduates into recently established product groups or newly opened offices. If those options wont work, offer customized rotational programs, says Bruce Harpham, founder, to a new division each six months over a two- to four-year period provides novelty, challenge and growth opportunities, Harpham says. For the best results, ask the employee about their preferences for new assignments rather than simply moving them around.Chase the people who want to work for you, not the ones who dont embrace your culture. Your average tenure for new grads will be much higher if you find people who want to work for your brand and who like the stability of a larger company, says Kristen Zierau, director, Clarke Caniff, Detroit. If you have to change your culture for a handful of people, youre going to wake up one day and not know who you are anymore.

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Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of References Page Resume

Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of References Page Resume Employers may request a reference list when considering you for work, therefore it should be in prime form too. Resumes might be organized in various ways. Third, if youre currently employed, you obviously cant incorporate a reference from your present employer. Listing a person for a reference without permission could be harmful to your job application. Reference Store, for instance, offers vorstellungsgesprch coaching and digital landlord solutions, besides providing fake references. Resume reference pages might be used at any stage in the interview procedure. The program scans each resume, plucking out the appropriate info, and then produces a distinctive applicant file. You would rather not include things like an email address with a typo or a telephone number thats missing a digit. If so, a land line with a trustworthy voice mail system could be a better choice. A Sample reference sheet templa te isnt only a premade package you use the manner in which you truly feel like. You also ought to get in touch with your references to allow them to know they may be receiving a call sometime soon and say thank you. If you know the name of the individual who might be contacting your references, additionally, it is valuable to share that information also. You also can be sure their contact information is accurate. Ask each reference if theres any information they dont want listedthis will help safeguard your contacts private info, Nolan states. In case the text on the second page is simply a couple of lines, you might want to think about reformatting and sticking to the 1 page rule. When replacing text, its better to highlight and delete tiny portions at a moment, even just single lines, in order to keep the original formatting. For more emphasis, a hintergrund color may be used. All artwork and text are wholly customizable. At the executive level, you wish to present a coup le more. Simply speaking, the key to reference success is to prepare beforehand, choose individuals who will speak highly of you, and make it simple for them to achieve that. Bear in mind, theres no perfect method to compose a resume Often its simpler to reach someone on their mobile phone, but nevertheless, it may be tough for that individual to locate a quiet place to talk in case an employer calls their cell. What References Page Resume Is - and What it Is Not After you have decided on who you need to put in your reference list you have to receive their permission. Its also wise to state the length of time you have known the reference. If you are requested to send references, develop an individual document rather than placing them directly on your resume. Your most important reference ought to be the initial one. Only submit your references if youre asked to. Second, your references may not wish to openly share private information. Personal references are usually not sugg ested. While there could be some overlap between professional and individual references, personal references, also called character references, arent necessarily the exact same as professional references. Sometimes prospective employers will say how many and what sort of references they want. Certainly, if youre asked for references you will provide them. Youre also likely to need to understand how to choose and request references. When you should provide references to a possible employer, the ideal way to do it is to create a reference page it is possible to share with them. As soon as its important to get people who can vouch for your abilities and techniques, offering a list of references right from the gate during work search isnt always the ideal policy. Following your interview, your references could be a vital component on whether you get a job offer from an organization. The people that you include in the list ought to be relevant to the job that you are applying for . A reference list is vital because employers wish to understand which individuals they can contact to confirm your information and find another perspective of who you are.